December 31st is Finestkind's
Annual New Year's Eve Lobster Day A Delicious Family and Friends Tradition!



Finestkind Lobster and its Lobster Days were created in 1982 by a group from northern New England who had either lived on the Maine coast for years and/or spent summers as assistants on lobster boats.   We've known the sweet, unmatched, succulent tender taste of truly fresh lobster all our lives.   Marooned down here in 1982, we had the misfortune of ordering steamed lobster in an expensive Washington DC restaurant that swore it had the lobster flown in from Maine that very day.


To us, it tasted like the box the lobster was shipped in.   So we decided to poke around Down-East to see what happened to a lobster from the time it was caught until it got down here.

What we found astounded us.   Most lobster doesn't even get to the mainland wholesalers for about a week after it's caught.   Then, it's either stored in a "lobster pound", where it'll be stacked like cordwood and linger for months (particularly true in the fall), or it'll be sold to a regional distributor, who'll then sell it to restaurants, seafood markets or grocery stores, where its dumped into those murky tanks.   The lobster, whose claws have been banded the moment it's been caught, can't be fed, loses body fat and flavor and tastes nothing like truly fresh lobster.   We knew we could do better than that.   And we have - for the past thirty-one years.

Finestkind gets its lobster directly from the docks.   You get the freshest live Gulf of Maine lobster available anywhere in the Washington DC area.   That's the first reason reason we're unique.

The second reason we're unique is that all Finestkind does is produce three Lobster Days a year.   The Spring and Fall Lobster Days are on the second or third Saturday morning in May & October, and the New Year's Eve extravaganza.   We don't have to worry about sellin' leftover lobster - all our lobsters are in your pots!   We don't have a store; nor do we ship wholesale lobster.   The rest of the year we work in regular jobs.

Oh, and those internet guys who charge you twice the price when shipping charges are included - don't be fooled.   Come to Lobster Day, save the shipping costs and take your delicious goodies home in your cooler.   Don't wait all day for the delivery truck and worry about whether your guests will arrive before your lobsters!

If you crave superior quality seafood, dig out your cooler, oil up those nutcrackers and plan to join 5,000 seafood lovers who enjoy our fresh lobster, shrimp and clams every Lobster Day!

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